Our Technology Guarantee

  • Don’t worry about what may come along in the future.

  • Install Avonline satellite broadband now.

  • Start enjoying real, fast broadband, up to 15Mbps download speeds immediately.

  • If a faster service does arrive at your home in the future, no matter where you are in the contract, just give us 30 days notice
    and we’ll cancel the contract - all we ask is that you
    return the hardware to us safely.

Our Speed Guarantee

  • Avonline will deliver an average download spped to it's combined Avanti customer base of 9Mbps measured on a rolling 30-day basis.

  • In addition, within each Avanti data package we do not apply any heavy user traffic management policies or time-based data usage restrictions other than learly stated contractual restrictions on P2P & similar file-sharing activities.

  • Please note that on all broadband services, there will be periods of high network usage when the service will slow for all users whether the network is fibre, copper, mobile, wireless or satellite.

  • For  satellite broadband, this Speed Guarantee is unique and specific to Avonline’s Avanti customers and is protected from the activities of any other users on Avanti satellites.

Our commitment to you is that if we fail to meet or exceed this performance measure for a consecutive period of 30 days, if you wish, you may terminate your contract with us. All that we ask is that you provide us with seven days written notice plus it is your responsibility to return our hardware to us safely if you have rented it from us.

Our Value Guarantee

  • We offer the best value contract when you join us.

  • To give you peace of mind in the future, we guarantee that over the life of your contract, Avonline will deliver the best value throughout for the service that you take from us.