North Lincolnshire businesses hear the benefits of super-fast broadband header image

Published: 30th May 2013

A new event has informed businesses in north Lincolnshire on how they could benefit from faster broadband connections. 

The first North Lincolnshire broadband meeting - held at the Baths Hall in Scunthorpe - was attended by a host of local companies and featured talks on IT support and software as well as the advantages of super-fast broadband, the Scunthorpe Telegraph reports.

"It is so important that businesses have access to quick internet," commented George Humes, a sales manager at software company Due North, who spoke at the event. 

He added that better broadband provides quicker interaction with contacts and said it is "not all that daunting" for businesses to go online and cited the north Lincolnshire meeting as an example of the support that is available. 

Phil Denham, commercial director at Scunthorpe-based HBP Systems, described how super-fast broadband would benefit his business. 

"It should make a huge difference. A big stumbling block for lots of businesses is poor broadband speed. We are fairly central in Scunthorpe and our broadband speed isn't great," he remarked.

The advantages of faster internet access were also stressed by Malcolm Lowes, business director at MASS - North Lincolnshire Council's IT partner.

He claimed local firms could save money by upgrading to a better connection, but said there are a number of areas in the region that currently have no access to super-fast speeds altogether. 

"North Lincolnshire is a fantastic location for businesses to work from, but broadband speeds are letting us down," added Neil Poole, North Lincolnshire Council cabinet member for policy and resources.

The local authority is currently developing plans for a £12 million rollout of super-fast broadband to 90 per cent of premises in the north Lincolnshire area. However, this may take several years to complete and still leaves ten per cent of residents with a below-par connection.

An ideal way for people in these areas to enjoy the benefits of a super-fast service is to opt for satellite broadband

This technology requires no infrastructural development, making it ideal for rural areas and it can be installed within just a few weeks of placing an order.