New report casts doubt on BDUK project header image

Published: 29th May 2013

A new report has questioned whether the government's Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) scheme will be completed on time. 

The Major Projects Authority (MPA) has published a study focusing on the main programmes undertaken by the coalition. 

Each scheme is given a colour rating from green through to red based on its progress at a certain point in time.

The BDUK project is currently rated as amber/red, which means the MPA has doubts about whether it will succeed in meeting its target of providing 90 per cent of the UK with super-fast broadband by 2015. 

As of March 25th this year, the total cost of the scheme was estimated at £1.8 billion.

If you are concerned that the BDUK project will not bring super-fast broadband to your home by 2015, or you live in the remaining ten per cent of areas that do not stand to benefit from the scheme, Avonline's satellite broadband service is an ideal alternative.