Satellite broadband can help poor ADSL communities header image

Published: 28th May 2013

Many communities across the UK are struggling to get access to fast and reliable broadband speeds. 

Indeed, according to Tech Radar, there are 3.3 million households faced with nothing better than a 2 Mbps-capable ADSL line because of their location, as they are too far away from the main exchange. 

This means streaming videos and using Skype is a non-starter, while people looking to take advantage of flexible working are also going to struggle to stay in constant contact with the office.  

However, the answer to this problem could be satellite broadband, as it makes the delivery of high-speed broadband services possible regardless of what part of the country a person lives in. 

Thanks to the technology used - the adaptive uplink power control and reduced bit rate - the weather does not affect the quality of the signal.

It means households struggling with their internet connection have other options, rather than making do with substandard speeds.