With the rapid growth of amazing online content, you can't afford to sit and wait, hoping one-day acceptable broadband reaches your home or business in Ireland. Time's too short...life's too short! Make the right choice now – choose next generation fast and reliable satellite broadband from Avonline and get connected next week.

When you experience what you can do with our fast and reliable speeds up to15Mbps satellite broadband service, you'll wonder how you ever managed in slow and dreary world of dial-up speeds.

Download HD movies, use phone and video calling for free, experience the best websites, connect with friends and family with YouTube, Skype, Facebook, Twitter – get connected. Chose satellite broadband to power up your internet.

Fast and Reliable

We now offer up to 15Mbps download speeds to all of our customers with a choice of data packages to suit their needs. Inline with Comreg guidelines, all of our speeds are “up to” speeds but in our experience, satellite performance far exceeds ADSL (average speed measured as percentage of package maximum).

As satellite uses completely different technology to Eircom and their ageing copper network, it doesn't suffer from problems like being too far from an exchange, an ageing network or too many people trying to use the same line.

Discover the benefits of Avonline Broadband

Get what you pay for

Using satellite for your broadband means that you get what you pay for. When you choose our 15Mbps service, you will get a service designed to deliver up to 15Mbps – compare that to the speeds genuninely deliverable by the competition.

Right now, Next Generation Ka satellite technology gives you a much more reliable service. Get the service that can deliver the speed you pay for with satellite.

No telephone line required

With Avonline's satellite broadband, you are connected via satellite so we don't mind whether you have a landline or not. That means you can choose whether you need to spend €100's every year on telephone line rental.

Great broadband means the choice of using the internet for your telephone service. You can use free telephone and video calling services like Skype, Messenger and Facetime. You can also choose to swap your current phone system and phone number onto our cost-saving voice over internet (VoIP) service.

Save money on line rental, save money on call charges using your current telephones with our plug and play telephone service. See more below.

Total UK and Ireland
coverage right now

Our satellite service pretty much covers the whole of Europe so don't worry about where you live in Ireland – no matter how remote you thought you were - Avonline Broadband can provide you a reliable, high speed service.

In a village, at the end of a lane, miles from the telephone exchange or just on the wrong side of the street - it doesn't matter any more. Now, everyone is equal.

Because we are all the same distance from a satellite in space, everyone can benefit from fast broadband right now.

Wherever you live, our always on, fast and reliable Avonline Broadband service is the answer. 

Speedy, easy set up

If you own or have seen a Sky TV satellite dishes then you can picture satellite broadband.

  • We install a satellite dish outside
  • Via a single cable, we connect this to a modem where you want it.
  • If purchased, we add a wireless router at the same time allowing you to enjoy your broadband throughout your home
  • You connect your computer, smartphone or tablet to make sure that you're happy with the system
  • You're online - fast!

As an ISO 9001 company, you can expect our installers to be consummate professionals. For a standard installation, everything's complete inside a couple of hours with minimal disruption and no mess. Your engineer will provide a full demonstration of your new equipment and won't leave until you're completely satisfied.

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