With no access to fast or reliable broadband, whether you're young or old, you're missing out - that's a fact!
And did you think that there was nothing that you could about it?

Think again. Next Generation satellite broadband from Avonline with download speeds of up to 15Mbps will deliver a whole new world of internet experiences for you.

Enjoy catch-up TV, download HD films, phone a friend, swap email, messages, photos and videos with the world, work from home, study, relax, get fit – the list is endless. Once you’ve chosen our great new broadband service there are a range of optional extras and additional features to create a system that truly suits your needs.


Free phone or video calls

Use one of the popular software packages such as Skype or Apple’s Facetime for free calls over the internet (also known as Voice over Internet or VoIP for short).

Create a home network

Create your own wire-free network and get fast broadband all around your home by adding a powerful wireless router - connecting computers, smartphones, tablets, TVs and other devices wirelessly and effortlessly!